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posted by: Ramada Inn & Suites Stony Plain on: June 20, 2018

Stony Planes, AB may seem small on the outside but we’re full of fun attractions you may not suspect. If you’re open to adventure, then check out Skydive Eden North or Get Hooked Fishing Adventures on your next visit!

Skydive Eden North

Skydiving is on many people’s bucket lists so why not cross it off sooner than later? With Skydive Eden North, you can feel safe in good hands while taking that tandem jump out of an aircraft with certified jumpers. There’s no other feeling you can get that compares to free falling 3 kms at a speed of 200 km/hr. You’re attached to a Skydive expert while falling who has years of experience and tons of jumps under their belt! This helps ensure you stay safe and have a life changing experience. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this one’s for you! For ticket information and how to book visit the Skydive Eden North website.

Get Hooked Fishing Adventures

On the opposite spectrum for those looking to remain on land, we have Get Hooked Fishing Adventures at your service. This operation has existed since 1994 and since provided trips for thousands to enjoy. You may not know you like fishing until you join a Get Hooked Fishing Adventure. Their team will guide you through Edmonton’s waters, provide you with supplies, and give you tips and tricks to get that great catch! Prices range and depend on the size of group.
Ramada Stony Plains is a just a short distance from both these amazing adventures! Book with us and you’ll not only get a convenient location, but you’ll also have access to our great amenities options including pool, hot tub, sauna, restaurants and much more!